To Be Fit in Daily Routine (+1)

Uswah ali June 4, 2015

Let’s be healthier and happier person in our daily routine
Uswah Ali

“Hi, a penny for your thought. What’s the matter?” Willy said.
“It’s a hectic day! I’m so exhausted and get bored with the routine. Take me out” Ann answered.

How to be fit
The situation above sometimes occurs in our daily routine. A lot of work , the deadline, and the routine sometimes make us bored. Then, we cannot enjoy for the details. It will be worse if we are not in a good condition. Routine will be so tiring because we are so exhausted.
To be fit will help us much in handling this kind of situation. There are some ways to keep fit, as follows:
1. Eat healthy food which consists of some nutrition on time. Avoid consuming junk food because is unhealthy food. Drink enough mineral water at least 1,5 liters per day.
2. Take some vitamins regularly. Vitamins can support our body fit.
3. Take a break. It help us to be more relaxed to do next job. Having enough rest time makes us fresher.
4. Sleep enough around 6-8 hours every night. It helps us to be more ready to do work in the next day.
5. Do exercise regularly at least walking or jogging 150 minutes per week. It keeps our body healthy.

The importance of having fit body for routine
If we are in a good condition, it helps us think effectively and work productively. The tasks and work waiting can be done well because we have enough energy. Besides, we can enjoy the routine which give positive impacts to our health. Thus, we can reach the goals in our life maximally.

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