Stop, Look, Listen, and Reflect (+3)

Steven Sutantro February 1, 2014


In the midst of busy and hectic day of teachers, often we are overwhelmed with all complicated thoughts, feelings, and stressful moments that make us saying “It’s enough.” 

If that what happens to you, I’m your friend. I called it as ‘Jetlag’. After having long christmas break, I landed to  the “island of never-ending job” in teacher’s life. These are my ‘simple’ daily tasks:

– Preparing daily morning devotion to my students 5 days a week.

– Designing topics, themes, assignments, rubrics for three different subjects for 10 classes.

– Searching multiple resources to enrich my three different subjects

– Dealing students with different needs and problems

– Completing job checklist as School Event

Well, all those check lists must be done EVERYDAY in this January. Some of you might have more checklists than mine. If you are okay with that, thank God. You are amazing. But for me and my friends who have experienced the jetlag, I think we need to cure our jetlag soon by doing these checklists:

1. Stop

Take your best possible time in the midst of busy day. I know it’s hard to manage because we tend to keep doing this to complete our checklists. However, if you keep doing everything in your stressful mind, soon you’ll ruin it. I actually experienced it when I keep trying to do everything by myself. As a result, at I became easily angry, emotional, and uncontrollable. I decided to ‘end task’ in my ‘task manager’ to stop ‘error’ program in my mind. I sat down and just stop doing everything and calm myself from all those hectic moments.

2. Look

Look and observe carefully things that you need the most now. This is important moment to take deeper breath and look everything that makes you feel comfortable and relax. For me, I used ‘look’ moment by reading books, going to mall, browsing resources and news, watching movies, playing games, eating my favorite food. By doing those things, I think I just click ‘refresh’ to my ‘desktop’ in my mind. Refresh every ‘error’ moment that happen in my mind.

3.  Listen

Listen right things at the right time at right place from the right persons. Find someone to share your burden. Listen to their sharing, suggestions, and solutions as well. But remember, you just need to listen it first. By listening, you might get new perspectives on doing what you have done. Take the appropriate time and place for you and your friends. It’s time for you to ‘reinstall’ your program by collecting ‘right code’ for your mind. There might be inappropriate, useless, and meaningless comments from your friends. Remember you just need to listen!

4. Reflect

Remember what you have done in stop moment when you look and listen to everything around you. This is time for you to fully ‘update your new installed program’ and replacing ‘your old broken program’. By collecting some refreshment from your stop, look, and listen moments, you need to go back to your real check list and look them back. Now, you could pray and ask for God’s wisdom to lead your thought. You could think and choose what you could do next to overcome your jetlag. After this your checklist might be still the same. However, you could change your perspectives seeing your checklist.

Finally, I know the checklist will be greater in the future but you will be greater to overcome them.

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