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Pengelola. July 22, 2018

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Someone uses anabolic steroids for health. These are mostly men of age or people with some kind of injuries. They are also used for more comfortable weight loss, as well as for a set of muscle masses. They can help you to gain new strength or stamina.
They are mainly used by athletes, both amateurs and professionals in various sports, ranging from cyclists to bodybuilders.
Our experts strongly recommend using the steroids under strict supervision and with the advice of an experienced doctor and before you buy them to get specialist advice. This will help you avoid many serious side effects. Specially only for our clients we only for 990 rubles per month will consider all your analyses and adjust their values, which will be deviated from the norms. More information about this in the item Medical support
You can buy steroids in our shop in tablet (oral) and injectable forms. Steroids in injections are chosen by athletes who want to quickly achieve results and help their body recover from stress and trauma. The right choice of medication allows you to gain up to 10 kg in one cycle. At the same time, you can get about 25% increase in strength from basic exercises.  Pharmacology is used in stages, and each stage welcomes the combination of steroids. The result will come much faster, and your body will not get used to the same steroid. Otherwise, the positive result will gradually decrease.
Some visitors may doubt the quality of the products presented in our online store – to reject the doubt and protect their customers from fraud, the company Stero Market places on each package a unique code, which can be checked on the website of the company. When ordering a cycle of steroids in our store, you can be sure of receiving the original product. In addition, the best guarantee of quality – feedback from customers about the company’s products, they can be easily found online.
Being official representatives of company Stero Market we give a discount on purchases to constant buyers and special conditions of sales for wholesale clients.
When to buy anabolics?
Everyone has a peculiar desire to be the owner of the ideal figure. To achieve this goal, many people are engaged in various trainings. Modern gyms are everywhere equipped with simulators that allow you to train and to create an attractive body and to increase strength and stamina. At the same time, each experienced athlete knows that each of us has its own limit, above which only sports pharmacology can help to increase muscle mass. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account that it is virtually impossible to create an attractive figure without using pharmacology.History
The history of anabolic steroids began in 1931, when German chemist Adolf Butenandt isolated 15 mg of male sex hormone androsterone from more than ten thousand liters of urine. In 1934 he was able to synthesize this hormone artificially. Over the next five years, scientists sponsored by pharmaceutical companies discovered a stronger hormone, calling it testosterone. Soon they were able to recreate it chemically, and in 1939 they were offered the Nobel Prize for its discovery. Synthetic steroids The name of the hormone testosterone was formed by Butenandt and his colleague L. Ruzyska from the words “testicles” and “sterol”. In turn, sterol is a cholesterol-like substance from the steroid group. Initially, scientists did not fully understand what exactly the new hormone was responsible for. Apparently, they thought testosterone was a hormone of manhood and youth, but they had no idea how to use it to increase muscle mass.

Steroids in Nazi Germany.
The Nazi government forced Butenandt and Ruziska to abandon the Nobel Prize for the discovery of testosterone, probably believing that other nations have no right to judge the success of scientists of the Great Reich. However, further scientific work continued. According to some sources, German soldiers were injected with testosterone to increase the level of aggression, and extensive research was deployed in concentration camps. It is confirmed that the personal doctor Adolf Hitler has prescribed to it injections of testosterone.
Eastern bloc athletes
After the fall of the Third Reich, the Soviet Union became interested in the new hormone, finding that testosterone increases muscle mass and strength of athletes. The USSR and Eastern Bloc countries actively used the hormone for their athletes, especially weightlifters. In response, Dr. John Ziegler, who works with the U.S. Olympic team, received an analogue of testosterone with fewer side effects – methane (methandrostenolone), which was commercially known as Dianabol.
Steroids in the United States
In 1958, the American Food and steroid Administration (FDA) accepted the registration of a new steroid from Ciba Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of burn patients and aging men – Dianabol(5). The steroid was sold in pharmacies freely and without prescription. It was not until 20 years later, in 1976, that the first tests of anabolic steroids began to be carried out on athletes, and the sale of steroids began to be limited. However, during this time more than forty analogues of testosterone and Dianabol appeared on the market.
AIDS epidemic.
The transition of steroids from big sports and professional bodybuilding to American fitness culture began in the eighties through the AIDS epidemic. At that time, they were sold in pharmacies upon presentation of a prescription from a doctor. AIDS causes severe weight loss (primarily muscle loss) and the patient needs testosterone injections to maintain weight. In fact, the cycle of medication and exercise in the gym were the main part of the treatment for people living with HIV in the eighties.

Can I buy steroids in the United States? Are steroids legal in America?
Anabolic steroids (anabolic, steroids) are analogues of male hormones that stimulate the growth and development of muscle fibers. Due to their ability to accelerate muscle gain and increase strength and stamina, steroids are popular among athletes and athletes.

In the United States, federal laws prohibit the importation, manufacture, storage and use of steroids. Despite the ban, Americans are the world’s leading anabolic users. Official FDA statistics indicate that about 1 million people abuse pharma. The unofficial figure is 12-15 million.    Is the sale of steroids legal in the United States?
The possession, distribution and use of steroids is prohibited in all US states. The FDA has approved the use of anabolic steroids for medical purposes as prescribed by a physician. Sale is legal only in certified pharmacies or online pharmacies. Often these pharmacies will send a request to the health care provider to verify the authenticity of the prescription.
Online stores sell steroid hormone analogues. Large labs invest money in brand development and clinical trials that confirm the efficacy and safety of the product.
Conclusion: the sale of steroids in the U.S. is legal only in certified pharmacies and Internet pharmacies by prescription from a doctor.Is it possible to buy steroids in the U.S.    “To an American.
A U.S. citizen may purchase steroids in the U.S. only with a prescription from a physician. After a comprehensive medical examination, the doctor may only give a prescription for the treatment of diseases. Illegal prescriptions will result in a revocation of your medical license and, in some cases, criminal prosecution.    “Buy and order home with delivery to Russia/Ukraine.
When ordering steroids from the U.S. to Russia or Ukraine, the site may require a prescription from the doctor. Even if the parcel has been shipped, U.S. Customs may refuse delivery. In addition, after checking the parcel in Russia/Ukraine, the buyer may be held criminally liable. Import and circulation of steroids is limited in Russia/Ukraine.

The black market for steroids in the United States
The use, manufacture and possession of steroids is a criminal offence in the United States. Revenues from the sale of anabolic steroids on the black market exceed $100 million. There are several options for how steroids reach athletes:
“Self-manufacturing. A certain percentage of professional athletes prefer to buy reagents and equipment for the production of anabolic at home. A good way to control the purity of the product. However, the cost of equipment is justified only in the case of long-term use of steroids.
“Illegal laboratories offer relatively inexpensive products, but the purity of the product is unknown. In the worst case, the buyer may get a low-quality and even toxic product.      “Veterinary pharmacies. Doses that are intended for animals are different from those needed by humans. Calculating the dose so that the risk of side effects is minimal can be a bit problematic.    ” Illegal prescription. The form may be signed by a physician on the basis of intentional misrepresentation of medical data, or it may be obtained illegally or ordered online.    “Food additives. In the U.S., the FDA does not require careful certification or clinical research on the composition and operation of dietary supplements.    “Mail. Often in the United States, anabolic patients are delivered by mail from China, Moldova or Mexico. Ordering from another country also increases the risk of purchasing a poor quality or diluted product.
Real prices for pharmacology in America
Factors affecting the price of steroids in the United States:
” Brand name    “The purity of the steroid    “The form of production    “Advertising.    “Taxes    “Packaging    “Market markup    “Clinical stages of development and research    “Salary of factory workers    ” Shipping costs    “Prescription for the steroid
Average price of steroids in US online stores in 2019:
” Liquid form of oxymetabol – $100-120    “Packaging for 60 capsules – $80-100    “Solution for injections of 10 ml – 55-70$ Cheap analogues of steroid hormones can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. More affordable pharmacies also offer illegal laboratories. Another way to save money is to make your own steroids.How foreign athletes (Europe, USA) travel
The most popular steroid steroids for muscle mass formation:
” Retabolil    “The championship    “Metandrostenolone    “Testosterone enanthate    “Oxymetholone    “Boldenon    “Stanozol    “Metandienon    “Clenbuterol    “The deed of durobolin    “Primo-bolan
Examples of an 8-week cycle of steroids:
” Testosterone enanthanum 0.5 g every 5th day    “Nandrolon of 0.6 g also on day 5    “Turinabol is 0.08 grams every day    “Oxsandrolone is 0.05 mg every day    “Growth hormone at 5 units a night    “Gonadotropin to 1,000 units in the fifth week
Example cycle:
Countries where steroids are allowed and legal
List of countries where steroids are sold only by prescription:
” Australia    ” Argentina    ” Belgium    ” Germany    ” Spain    ” Italy    “Latvia    ” Romania    ” Ukraine    “France…    ” Japan
The list of countries where steroids are sold in pharmacies without a prescription:
” Hungary    “Greece…    ” Dominicana    “Egypt…    ” India    “Iran.    ” Colombia    ” Korea    ” Lebanon    ” Mexico    ” Pakistan    ” Panama    ” Poland    ” Thailand    ” Turkey    ” Chile    “SOUTH AFRICA.
Countries where steroids can be ordered by mail:
” Brazil    ” China    ” Uruguay

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