Fun Reading through Boyscout Game (+5)

Uswah ali May 20, 2015

By: Uswah Ali

Why reading is difficult

It seems that reading is a kind of boring thing which is difficult for students to comprehend the massage conveyed from the passage. Limited vocabulary or poor general knowledge can be one of the causes of the problems in comprehending reading materials. The students are also lack of the skills of summarizing information, drawing conclusions, making generalizations or relating information taken from texts read. In fact, the students do not interested in reading because reading is taxing and frustrating.

How “Boyscout game” make reading fun

We need to figure it out, so we can help our students to overcome reading problems. One of the alternative is setting attractive activity for reading section. I created one of interesting game named Boyscout game in 2011 for my students at SMA Khadijah Surabaya for helping them so much in comprehending reading texts. Boyscout game provides challenges and adventures for students which makes them interested in reading.

I applied Boyscout game yesterday in my reading class. Before class started, I put the reading texts including questions and code randomly wherever I wanted outside the class. I broke the class into small groups consisting of 4-5 students in each group. I gave each student a piece of paper, the blank sheet. Then, I gave cards for groups containing letters for clues in order to avoid the same direction. The cards showed clues the direction where they should go for reading; ABCDE, BCDEA, CDEAB, DEABC, and EABCD. For instance, group 1 who got a card ABCDE should go to part A, then B, C, D, and E. I told them that they could discuss in a group. They could discuss to get the meaning of some words which they did not know the meaning of. They could also discuss what the answers of the questions given. However, they should hand it in individually. So, one students could read 5 reading texts and comprehend the passage by discussing within the groups. They enjoyed reading with relaxing situation because they could play and learn.

The followings are the series of the activities done in Boyscout game .


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