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Yang muda yang berkarya (Integrated Teaching Learning: English & TIK)

English is fun, isn’t it? I tried to give them this project related to the material about narrative text, the idea came from the ordinary question from one of my students at that time, it’s “Ms, how can we more understand about narrative? because we think this is one of difficult materials for us, Ms” then i answered “OK, i’ll try to make you understand, but promise me we will work together to find the easy way!” then i tried to find the way from any kinds of sources such as books, articles, videos from internet. finally, i found the idea, next i just gave them key words those are “well guys, if you want to understand this material, just do what i ask to do, i guarantee that you will understand, but if you don’t, i guarantee you’ll never understand this material well, how is it?” they agreed. Step 1: I asked them to find and re-write some narrative texts from any famous folktales in Indonesia and other countries, then they read and understood the story (its parts and elements of each stories), Step 2: I asked them to make a group (based on the amount of the characterS they need for the story they chose) Step 3: I showed them a video from youtube (a project of one school, sorry i forgot the name of that school), then i asked them to make a story telling video by their own way, but it must contains: pictures, texts, and voice of each characters, Step 4: They had to present it directly in front of me and their friends in the classroom (in drama performance), Step 5: We discussed each other about the result. Alhamdulillah, finally they understood well this material through these projects. Well, friends, specially English teacher, i just share it to make us realize that there are so many things we can explore from our students, English is fun when we can make something new for them, moreover…there are so many skills we can explore from these projects, they are: writing, listening, reading, and speaking of course. So, friends…is there any other ideas about teaching learning English?? please share to meeeee….

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