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Guntur Sitohang Batak Music Guru From Harian Boho Samosir Indonesia

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Guntur Sitohang (74) masters all Batak music instruments such as: Sarune, Sulim, Taganing, Hasapi, Garantung and others. He has taught hundreds of people on Batak music. Besides mastering in playing Batak music instrument he himself is also a craftsman of all those instrument.

He is father of 3 rising young Batak musicians: Martogi Sitohang, Hardoni Sitohang and Martahan Sitohang all of whom are master degree in etnomusicology.


This short video was taken at his workshop besides his house in Harian Boho a beautiful small village at the shore of Lake Toba Samosir North Sumatera Indonesia on Sunday 28 March 2010. (by Petrus Sitohang Par Bintan)

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