How to Deal with Teens’ Conflicts (+1)

Uswah ali June 9, 2015

For my son that is growing up.
For all teenagers that will find out their own world.

Conflicts occur when there is disagreement on an issue, or can’t get along well because of different interests, values, goals and needs. Conflicts consist of psychological conflict, social conflict, and physical conflict. When one conflict arises, it can be a cause of other conflicts. It happens because they are related.

Teenagers and Conflicts
Teenagers are growing up from dependent person to be more independent one. They are struggling hard for their independence because they are no longer children, yet not quite adults. That condition sometimes lead conflicts because there are some changes that need to be faced. It happens because they try so hard to find their own world. They sometimes make their own rules that may be not suit with their social. They try to get to know their own real identity. They can experience both social and psychological conflict that those conflicts are related. Social conflict usually occurs among teens, and parents and teens. Social conflict can also lead psychological conflict or vice versa.

How to deal with the conflicts
Understanding what exactly the problem is will help teens to manage conflict constructively. How to deal with conflicts will be so helpful for teens to solve their problem occurred. It will make them grow up easily because their conflict makes them more mature. They will experience conflict as a process of better changing.
Negotiating with other people involved using win-win approach will be effective to solve the problems. Good communication between them will be so useful to express what their feels and get to know how it could become a problem. Communication brings the conflict out into the open. Teens and teens or teens and parents can sit down and talk respectfully focusing on the ways to overcome the problems. However, if it is needed, counseling between them will be effective. The counselor will facilitate them to talk and discuss about what is happening. She/he can help to analyze the problems, and she/he can give them advice to solve the conflicts. Thus, teens can grow up happily and reach their goals because handling conflicts in positive ways.

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